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This morning I attended the monthly meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution. A visiting DAR member from a south Texas chapter played the role of one of the original four women who founded the organization in the mid-1800s. She wore period clothing and told the story of her life, which was very eventful and, in some ways, tragic. Five of her eight children died young and her husband was very abusive. She eventually divorced him. In spite of all that, she accomplished many good things for society.

After the meeting, Val and I met at the Olive Garden restaurant to have our favorite lunch: soup, salad and breadsticks. We had quite a bit of salad left over, so I brought it home for dinner tonight even though I knew it would be a bit soggy by then.

The wet weather has passed through the area and it has been sunny and mild all day.

Tonight I had to call Time Warner Cable again. My Internet service has been extremely slow all day. I tried the usual re-booting but it didn’t help. The technician tried several things, too, but nothing worked; so he set up an appointment for next Thursday for on-site help.

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