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Yesterday I set out to find Christmas trim to finish my projects. It was unsuccessful. Not because I got lost even though there was a time or two I questioned where I was but because there isn't any in Vegas. There was a store called Tabrics , that sold sewing machines, and a few related items but they specialized in leather. Let your own imagination take it from there. No wooden spoons at the dollar store. Fifty miles and nothing to show for it but paper plates and computer ink.

Dick stayed home because we had tickets for a Hypnotists show at 10pm, big nap. We arrived at the theater and took our places in the general admission line. (general admission means free or not much,ours $5 each) Bad timing when we were seated. Four seats left in the bad row before they filled in the seats in the rest of the theater. It was very funny and well worth the $10. That left us at the bus stop at 1am. I think we could be called "active seniors" but that activity should end at 9 o'clock.

Tonight we have tickets for the Americas Got Talent finalists. You can not pick up the tickets till the day of the performance but no later than one hour before the show. That means my mission will be to go to the Palazzo and pick up the tickets during nap time today. We actually paid for these tickets and have assigned seats no GA line.

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