Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

Riverview Campground - Irises

Stuart, Donette and Mikail

Donette, Glenda, Janie and Ann

Buzzard Billy's Swamp Shack - Bill, Marilyn, Richard and Ann


This morning started off with a couple of stressful incidents. First was the generator. I had planned to run it for a while as I drove. It started with no problem but quit after 2-3 minutes. I checked my fuel level and decided that there wasn't enough in the tank even though it showed about 3/8 full. I decided to refuel before trying to start the generator again.

Then, as I was leaving my site, I turned too sharply and ran over the site marker, which is a rather large and heavy concrete block. It damaged my entrance steps, which I didn't discover until I had arrived at the campout. Grrrr!!

On the way out of town, I stopped at H-E-B in far north Austin to feed Daisy and to buy a few groceries. Then I tried the generator again. It started but shut down after about a minute.

Around noon I stopped at the new Bell County rest area to eat a snack. While I was there I saw a man use his cell phone to take a picture of my license tag. Needless to say, this aroused my suspicions. I caught him before he drove off. He told me that he and his family were on their way back home from a funeral in San Antonio and were just taking pictures of signs and different things in Texas which they don’t have, e.g., Whataburger and Jack in the Box. I still think it was weird to take a picture of a license plate!

It sprinkled a little not long after I left Austin. However, some of my camping buddies drove through some very heavy rain from Bandera and San Antonio. We were hoping that the rain would bypass Waco.

We had a much smaller turnout at this campout than last month but we were happy to receive a new member, Mikail Davenport. He lives just around the corner from Pecan Grove RV Park in a very nice condo.

Tonight at our potluck dinner, Donette Harpole and I were the April birthday honorees. She blew out both our candles! Janie lit them again so I could blow them out, too.


This morning we sat around and visited a little while before heading out for our various adventures. There are always lots of funny stories.

Tonight we had dinner at Buzzard Billy's Swamp Shack on the Brazos River. They serve delicious Cajun foods as well as other meals. After dinner most of us played games in the club room for a little while.

It was cloudy most of the day and sprinkled a little once in a while but not enough to interfere with our activities.


Today it rained off and on all day, which spoiled our plans. We stayed around the campground all day. We hope for better weather next time.

Between showers several of the guys tried to get my generator started but it wouldn't cooperate. The general consensus was that the fuel filter is stopped up. They also examined my steps but determined that they didn't have the tools to solve that problem either. So I guess it's time for me to call in the pros.

I decided to hook my car back up before it started raining again. I hate doing it in the rain.


Route: I-35 N to Waco => TX 6 E => FM 434 S => Riverview Road E

Total Miles Driven: 132

Weather Conditions: Cloudy and very humid

Road Conditions: Good

Gasoline Price: $2.639 at Austin

RV Park: Riverview Campground

Park Conditions: Good. Large pull-through sites

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