Our last city on the driving tour was Virginia City...

Loved this old school in Virginia City..



Virginia City Post Office...

Cool shops in the city..

This cool town has a lot of things to see and do...

We just missed the outhouse races..:-)


Wild horses walk all around the town...

We stopped counting at 25...:-) So cool!

Old historic cemetery in Virginia City...



Last one!

The last city on our driving tour this week was Virginia City, Nevada. We have visited this awesome old western town many times. We have seen ostrich races, camel races and even outhouse races on our previous visits. This time we just enjoyed the town and did a bit of exploring. We visited the old school and enjoyed the shops and especially the wild horses in the area.

From the time you leave Reno, you will see wild horse warning, some are flashing if they are anywhere near the road. We enjoyed watching them roam all over the back roads of Virginia City. We stopped counting how many we saw at twenty-five, it was probably a lot more. We also noticed the old historic cemetery this visit, we are already planning a trip back to explore it.

I highly recommend this historic city. If you would like to read more of our updates from the city you can click on our Nevada map and then Virginia City for many updates from our visits in the area. Every time we see an old Bonanza show it makes us want to visit Virginia City again. :) It is definitely one of our favorites. Check back later for more of our explorations from Nevada.

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