Back to the recent surgery, heres the extent of the forehead

Back of the ear, 30 micro stitches keeping the skin graft on

The Forestry campground we found a nice space...

nice spot, paved with quiet and river behind us, no services, but...

We have a Senior Pass, so we paid $3 per night, Yea!!

down the street of the campground.

Here's the view out our door, river in the background.

Our spot #2

Our friends, the Wilks stay to enjoy the evening

Looking down the river

How we parked on our site

In the evenings we set up our propane campfire, lovely

After several nights we paste on our Idaho map to the US...

Our friends, Richard and Wendy Wilks, several years ago suggested that the St. Joe River would be an ideal place to go for a fly fishing trip. They showed us on a map where the location is so we'd be able to plan. We knew shortly after we left Brenda, AZ way back in April that we'd be coming through northern Idaho. And so the plans were laid to meet the Wilks in St. Maries and they'd "escort" us up the St Joe River canyon to find a parking spot amongst the U.S. Forestry campgrounds.

Long story, short it ends up with us about 10 miles past the little mountain town of Avery at the Turner Flat campground. Our campground is about 58 miles up the canyon from the town of St. Maries. That means, no cell phone service. It's a forestry campground with no services, but paved, level parking spots of which there are 11. We consider ourselves lucky, very lucky to have found the great spot, number 2. With our back and side yards facing the forest, river and meadow, all we could say is Wow!

Of course, we sat and pondered life in general more than we fished, but the fishing was pretty good, too! With quietude all around us accompanied by the tumbling rush of water over small wet musical stones. Oooooh yes, we enjoyed it very, very much. We'll be back for a longer stay, perhaps in three years when we come back west....

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