Long lines at the Canadian Border

We finally got there, then they made us pull over for inspection

Cool pink tour bus

Rockwood RV Park Saint John


Nice wide sites

Our site Saint John

We have finally arrived in Canada after a very exhausting day. We took the Maine coastal route to Canada and the roads were horrible. I can't remember any this bad, even in Alaska. :-) I don't think they have repaired the roads in a long time.

Once we made it to the border, they waved us over for inspection. The inspection took over an hour. They went all through the RV and then the car. They made us go into a waiting area and we had to take Ollie with us. He enjoyed all the attention, but we were not having fun. :-) Once they finished their inspection they were pleased to report all was well.

It has been one of those LONG travel days, but tomorrow is a new day. We will do a bit of exploring and report back later.

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