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FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2006. PRAMBANAN, JAVA, INDONESIA. Even closer to Yogya than Borobudur is Prambanan, the grandest Hindu complex in Java. A half hour bus ride (Rp 2,000) along the main road northeast to Solo brings you to Prambanan, a complex of about 50 temple sites. The largest and most exceptional is the 47 meter high Shiva temple decorated with numerous Hindu deities. Like Borobudur, Prambanan was also built in the 9th Century AD, although about 50 years after Borobudur. The statue of Shiva stands in the central chamber, with the goddess Durga, Shiva's elephant headed son Ganesh, and Agastya in other chambers on the upper part of the temple. The temple is made up of connecting blocks of black volcanic rock reminiscent of a child's building block set.

UPDATE: On the morning of the day after I visited Prambanan (See next post, May 27), a major earthquake centered south of Yogya struck the region causing significant damage and loss of life mainly in villages near the epicenter. According to media reports, Prambanan was severely damaged and will be closed indefinitely until an assessment and repair of damage can be completed. What took Indonesia 70 years to reconstruct and repair was undone by Mother Nature in 15 seconds.

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