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View from the lift, on the 12th floor of the Good World...

The outlook from Winnie and Liao's 21st floor apartment.

Sunset from our little hotel balcony.

Sunset from our little hotel balcony.

Looking down from the 29th floor of the Star Lake Hotel. Sorry...

Andy and little Andy in his old workplace.

Today was set aside to get washing done, and dried at Winnie and Liao's house. They have a combination washer and drier, so we decided that would be the way to get washing ready to go away.

We could not go there until after bout 12.30, when Winnie gets home from teaching, so in the morning, we went and had fried eggs, and black sesame paste dumplings in sago and coconut milk, then we went and got some snack food from what used to be the Goodworld Supermarket. On the way back, I went back to the market stall where Carol got her thermos flask from, and got myself one too.

Then we were going to get a taxi to Winnie's place, but she ordered a didi car for us, and of course would not let us pay. When we got to her house, we put in the washing straight away, as we knew it was going to take some time to dry. Winnie and Liao were eating dinner, and I sat with them for a while, before Winnie went to lay down with Iona, and Liao was doing work at his computer. I found a book, and ended up curling up on the spare bed, and going to sleep! It was about 5pm, when Carol woke me, to say that our washing was done, and almost all dry.

Winnie and Liao were worried about Iona, who was running a temperature and were going to take her to the hospital to get checked out. So we quickly packed up our gear, and set off, planning to get a taxi, but then I noticed that there were buses right over the road that would take us back to the hotel. So that is what we did.

In the mean time, I had missed messages from Andy, saying that he, Lily and little Andy were in Zhaoqing, and wanted to meet us for dinner. As we needed to get the washing back, I asked if he could please pick us up from the hotel. Of course, he was more than willing to oblige!!

They came up to our room, bearing gifts of course. Ear muffs for each of us, and a pack of heat packs, that stick onto your clothing, and heat up once they are opened. Lily stuck one onto each of us, for us to see how they work. They were amazing - the warmth was great, and on my back it felt really good.

We went down to Bai Pin Tang, and met up with Hardie there. Everyone enjoyed their dinner, and having parked in the Star Lake Hotel parking area, we went into the hotel on our way to the car. Andy was hoping to see an old colleague or two, but he was out of luck. We did go up to the revolving restaurant on the 29th floor though, and everyone was suitably impressed with the night view.

We were much later than we had planned getting to bed, and I had to set the alarm for 4am!! Yikes.

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