The Great Escape / Oct-2012 to Oct-2013 travel blog

Here we are, back in Houston. Andy is buying a house and we are seeing his final choices and giving him our impressions and advice. We always thought Houston is a great housing market for rentals (lots of great apartments and affordable, compared to Vermont and the Northeast), and it is also a great place to buy. Lots of really nice places. Andy has done very well here and now he is taking another step forward.

We are having a satellite dish installed on the roof of the trailer at a local RV dealer. It will be great to have reliable programming that we can depend on. I was getting tired of being at the mercy of whatever the park provided or having to utilize broadcast TV. Mostly we tend to miss out on our sports because lots of sports are on cable channels like ESPN or NFL network. Also, UConn sports and Yankee baseball are mostly on the SNY and YES networks, both cable channels. Another big thing is the DVR that comes with satellite programming. I've found that the DVR is an underrated modern convenience!

It is very cold here, in the forties! Everybody is complaining because this is about as cold as anyone remembers for Houston. We are also complaining because we didn't travel all this way for this kind of weather. Hopefully we will come out of this "cold snap" and get back to the kind of weather we came here for.

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