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Anna went shopping today with Jacki to the yuppie part of Perth, Subiaco on the prowl for new clothes. She came back empty handed although nearly blew our budget on a 'nice skirt'.

I headed down the coast to Scarborough, the scene of surfing a fortnight ago to check out the surf and the surf shops. I decided against going out myself because it was looking a bit choppy and there were only a few surfers trying their luck anyway. A couple of kids, barely teenagers came down and set up a videocamera and were filming each other out on the waves. One kid got pummelled on his bodyboard paddling out, another had his legrope ripped off but fortunatley the last one to go out saved the day and caught some great waves. A potential champion in the making me thinks.

I plan to go on some more lessons next week or have a try again at good old Scarborough.

We have now decided that when we get to Brisbane whenever that may be we are heading north to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef. We don't think we can come to Australia without seeing the reef and the change to hot weather again will be welcomed. But knowing us things are likely to change again. What we do know is we are still having fun.

Day 148 complete

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