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A sloop at anchor off the Spit

A monster from the deep flies over the Bay

Tug towing a fishing boat into the harbor

Midnight on Kachemak Bay

A pretty morning on the Bay

Distant view of the Homer Spit

We'll be here for 5 nights

At home in Kyllonen's RV Park where the Anchor River meets Cook...

Not much of an ocean view today

Dandelions here are tall (that's a piece of coal)

Bald Eagles - Juvenile is eating & the gulls want to share

Wild Flag (Iris) & Crane's Bill (Geranium)

Since we were only moving 20 miles down the road, we had time to sit outside & enjoy the views of Kachemak Bay this morning before we left. It was a very relaxing morning, followed by a very short drive & easy set up in Anchor Point.

After we got set up, we drove to the end of the furthest road to the west in Alaska. We saw the tractors they use to launch boats here - hope to actually see them launch a boat while we're here. We also saw 2 Bald Eagles & the juvenile was standing on something & eating it (probably fish) while the other eagle & lots of gulls were standing around hoping for a bite. On our way home, we saw a moose grazing in a meadow.

We expect to have lots of lazy time here. More later...

Critter Count: Moose - 1 (11) - Bald Eagle - 4 (16)

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