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Partially destroyed church


Hippos my favorite :)


Snoozing polar bear

King Penguins

A contemplating bear

Sleeping hippos

Hippo yawning...

Hippos eating

Lazy hippo

More hippos...they are so cute

In the zoo

Poisonous pork at the Lowenbrau

Berlin Zoo is incredible and I hate to say it but its even better than good old Taronga Zoo, although Taronga still wins best location hands down.

The entrance to the zoo on Budapester Strasse is the reconstructed Elephant Gate of 1899 that was completely destroyed in the last war and resurrected in all its original detail in 1984 and apparently is one of Berlin’s most photographed sights.

The zoo is gorgeous and completely interactive with the animals being close enough to touch at times.

My favourite animal at any zoo is the hippo so I was ridiculously excited when I heard that the Hippopotamus House was the latest addition to a long tradition of improvement and expansion of the animal enclosures and is the fourth home to Berlin’s hippopotamuses that were fortunate enough to witness the whole richly faceted range of the zoo’s architecture.

Their newest home is a hippopotamus aquarium, spanned by two fine-meshed glass domes where you can watch both above and underwater…as I did for a very long time, and again at feeding time.

Not really much one can say about a zoo visit, very boring to hear about it I’m sure, but it was a great day :)

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