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Last 'Group' Photo...Mari Heads Out

Last Group Photo...On Deck at Guest House...Bon, Tim, & Mari






The Beach Mamalapuram...Shore Temple in Distant Background

The Beach Mamalapuram...Heavy Surf, Dirty Water

The Beach Mamalapuram...Looking N.

The Beach Mamalapuram...'Ditch' in Sand Just Before Boats Carrying Waste Water to...

The New Cafe (Brown Shades 2nd Floor) & Tim on 'Our Street'

Across From New Cafe is Vinodhara Guest House - Our Home For...

The Patio Outside Our Room - Vinodhara GH

Last Known Photo of Bon's Crutches

Our Room at Vinodhara GH - Bed to Rt


Reunion (Minus Taalat) - London Airport - Bon, Tim, Kryss, & Mari

Last Photo of Trip - Seattle Airport - Tim & Bon #5454...


Heading S. today for Ideal Resort and more recovery time. Said to Bon it feels like we're leaving a womb where we have been receiving TLC for past week, but Bon reminded me with a taste of reality, 'Ya, but it becomes toxic after awhile!' Ha, ...don't know if internet is available where we'll be, it's 3 km out of town, will be there til the 6th and then it depends on how all is going, but they don't have any rooms available beyond that date, not that we'd want to stay since it's way too much $$$ ($100 US/day!!!).


Bon is needing more rest, not as peppy as she thought she'd be. Did not sleep well so we watch old Turner Network movies.


This am we get up and set off for town, needing to do business stuff, perhaps find food (way too $$$ at the resort), and arrange for ON's beginning on the 6th in town (Mamallapuram). End up arranging for room at the same place we were before, even the same Vinodhara Guest House, for 600 r./nite thru the 23rd when we head to the airport and flight home.


Today we are moved to the 'Luxury' apts since our room has been booked...we find the luxury is only in the furniture/furnishings, it is actually smaller, less convenient to services in the resort, and has poorer TV reception. It does have a shower & jacuzi bath tomorrow before we go I will go for a lap swim in the pool and then jacuzi bath! We decide to eat in the restaurant in the eve and have a very nice broiled fish & fries dinner while listening to tambor & citar Indian music live. The place has many more guests than I had thought possibly due to the Lufthanza Crew staying here as well as a large French tour group (I count about 80 in the open air restaurant).

Bon was able to cross paths w/ another 'hippy' who was from Florida and leaving today, she being in her 16th day after her operation. It was very helpful and gave Bon more confidence that what she was experiencing was normal/to-be-expected ie the tiredness from overdoing and also nausea which accompanied the excessive excercise she(Bon) was into. The woman told her the same had happened to her and because of it, it had set her back a day or two. But she was well on the road to recovery by the looks of it which gave Bon an uplift knowing that every day would bring more strength and mobility if she doesn't push too hard. Another fellow we had met at the hospital (a Tim too!) was a day behind Bon and he had just arrived and was staying in the room next to us...they had a long discussion, comparing their respective recoveries.


Swim, jacuzi, and then taxi into town to settle into a more normal routine for our travel lifestyle today.


Today Bon threw away one of her crutches!!! Yahoo!


We relax and walk and read and talk w/ other (this time) Italian tourists here.

Today (Monday) we awaken to cloud cover, I think this is the first time in all our travels in India that we have experienced overcast skies all day! In Sri Lanka we had some days of rain and clouds, but not any time since leaving Kashmir...quite nice actually, a bit cooler but surprisingly (or not), more humid.

Next day (10th) is the last day of the Vishnu festival here...woke up to drizzle and overcast skies. Went for a walk to bus station and found out that yes indeed the AC bus is leaving tomorrow at +/- 9 am. Continued our walk (ended up doing about 2-3 km) and got back just as it was beginning to really rain. This has ended the festival early as much as I can tell since most of the crouds of Indians who were wandering about yesterday have disappeared.


To Chennai and Bon's Dr appt. Met a nice French young couple on AC bus who travel 6 mos. and then return to French Riviera and work in the tourist business (she is a health/nurse welness person, he teaches swimming and yoga) for the other half of the year.

Doctor Bose gave Bon an aok, warning her not to overdue (giving credibility to my admonishments), she believes him and will keep her crutches a little longer tho only uses one a tiny bit. We get a free lift back to Mamalapuram via hospital 'van' which was transporting another recent recovering resurfacing patient from Illinois to Ideal Resort on his 5th day. Also in the van was the girlfriend of another who just completed his operation, they from Canada - Calgary!!! Lots of business here...Dr Bose does 12-15 ops per month, most from N. America!!!

Back in Mamalapuram and Mari is back after her friend returned to CA on an early am flight.


Mari and I play crib and rummy, withdrawl for her was just too much to take I think, ha! She leaves on the 17th via London and a visit w/ her friends in the UK along the way.

These days are just laid back, reading, repairing body days. I went yesterday (13th) for a massage, very oily but relieved a bit of back and neck pain I've had off and on seemingly, forever. Another result of old ski injury (pain, that is), ha! But then as the saying goes, 'No pain, no gain'!


Mari leaves for Chennai today and then via London back to states at end of March. We've been catching up on Cribbage, very even match w/ neither coming out on top, fun.

It is continuing to be hot and humid here, we walk in the late afternoon/eve but just hang loose most of the day...trying to find ways to cool down but not too successfully.

Out hangout across the way at The New Cafe (an upstairs place looking out on the street views) is very welcome...our friend there, Chewrye (sp?), w/ a great Afro haircut and smile makes our visits pleasant so it is not hard to 'hang' and read.


Still keeping cool, walking in the early am and late pm before dinner...met a couple and 4 year old child from Germany (E.) - Uwe, Cindi, & Surya...very nice folks, living simply and much as we did on the 'ranch' in the early years. They are here for their 4th visit w/ Surya (daughter), Uwe first visited many years ago when he was 26 (now I think he is some 13 yrs older by what he has told us in his stories). Very enjoyable to talk w/ and watch their very alert daughter...can't wait to see our own grandchildren in just a few days!!! Yes!


Typical morning/day:

The whooshing sound of the overhead fan fades and the cock crowing, children screetching, neighbors below our window chattering along with the sudden blanket of heat/humidity rouse us from sleep at 6:30 when the electricity shuts down. Another nite of being 'shielded' from mosquitoes by the fan wind comes to an end and I begin my yoga cum PT excercises to wake my body and prepare it for another 'grueling' day of eating, reading, walking, and internetting. We try to get out for the walk before 9 and then eat around 10:30 while reading The Hindu Times. This routine has switched off and on with eating coming first and then walk but usually it is most uncomfortable to be out and about after 11 until around 5-6 pm when we try getting up the 'energy' to walk again before dinner. Out meals are usually across the way at The New Cafe where we can get yogurt and real muesli(granola) with fruit(pineapple, banana, & papaya). Eves mostly are at a different place each time depending on what we'd like, mashed potato w/ chez & mushrooms, tomato soup, vegie noodles, a tali (only avail at the Yogi Restaurant), or perhaps boiled vegies only - carrots, onions, potato, green beans.

Day ends usually reading in our room or watching a movie on HBO or ?? Pretty exciting, ha?!

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