Vickie & Sammy

Grandpa & Sammy

Sammy fishing

No luck yet!

Still trying :-)

Sammy did catch a crab leg :-)

Scuba divers about to go in, it was cool to watch.

Going in

Last one!

We are enjoying our time with Vickie and Sammy. Today we decided to check out the fishing in Nova Scotia. They allow anyone to fish in salt water, without a license. We found a beautiful place with lots of rocks to stand on. The water was crystal clear and beautiful. We didn't have any luck, but the beauty of the place made it worth the trip.

The highlight of our fishing day was watching two scuba divers going into the water. Sammy had hundreds of questions to ask and they politely answered all of them. They waved bye when they went under the water. :-) They said they dive in the winter in frozen water with icicles. It was awesome to watch. They told us about seeing dolphins, seals, lobsters, crabs and tons of fish. I may be adding a new hobby to my bucket list. More later from Nova Scotia.

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