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After a day at the museum, it was back to the volcano for us. Lava Butte is a cinder cone that rises 500 feet above it’s 9 square mile lava flow. After a 3 mile drive of 8% grade up to the top, there was a forest lookout, which was closed to the public. We took the ¼ mile trail around the top for fantastic views of Newberry Caldera and the surrounding mountains. Hard to believe that something so destructive initially could be so beautiful now. I suppose we may be saying the same of the lava flows in Hawaii in the distant future. We ended the day by driving around the area a bit more.

We always try to make it back home by the 5 o’clock happy hour, as the kitty is waiting at the door for us. She has learned that this is her time to go outside if it hasn’t happened earlier in the day.

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