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Today our weather couldn’t have been better; it was perfect for being out and about. I decided that I had better take advantage of it and get a bunch of pending errands done.

First was a trip down South Congress; I took some clothes to the Salvation Army warehouse and some large cans of dried foods to the Capital Area Food Bank. After feeding Sweet Pea, I went to Pep Boys to buy oil and fuel filters for Daisy to replace the ones I had used last week. I hope I won’t be needing them any time soon, though. Then it was on to Wheatsville Food Co-op to replenish my cupboard and on home for a late lunch.

About mid-afternoon I had an appointment to have my toenails trimmed. I still have trouble bending enough to do a lot of simple things. One would think that cutting toenails wouldn’t be such a challenge this long after my back surgeries. Well, at least I’m making progress in other areas.

The next big thing was to go to Office Depot to have one of my USB drives checked. All of a sudden, neither of my computers would read it. I wanted to determine whether the drive was at fault or whether my computers were the culprits. Just as I suspected, the USB drive had failed. I think I had backed up everything on it, so probably nothing or very little was lost.

While at Office Depot I bought Kaspersky Total Security for three devices: Windows PC, Mac and Mobile. With all the tech crimes seeming to be increasing rapidly, I had begun to be more concerned about the security of my devices. Office Depot allowed me to buy it at the current discounted price offered on the Kaspersky Labs site. A discount is always good.

Tonight I installed it on my Dell Latitude with Windows XP. I usually use my MacBook Pro to access the Internet because it is less vulnerable to the bad guys. However, due to my current cable issues, I’ve been using my Dell while I’m waiting for Time Warner tech support (scheduled for Thursday). At Pecan Grove RV Park I have access to free Wi-Fi service, which requires a password. Still, I feel better now that Kaspersky is protecting me.

Once my cable issue is resolved, I’ll install Kaspersky on my MacBook. I don’t have a smart phone but will be able to protect it if I should decide to buy one.

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