Danny and Anna's Round The World Trip 2005 travel blog

Lovin' it

I made it back!

Finding the seaweed in my shorts

Time to go

Another weekend another session at sea this time in a kayak style paddle machine. I launched from the nearby Hillarys marina and paddled a 100 metres or so out to sea and then headed down the coast for a few k's. The sea was calm but for a few small waves and I spent an hour or so paddling around in the Pacific. Anna was on dry land reading up on some Spanish and I returned with a cold bum and sore shoulders. Emily you would have enjoyed it out there.

This evening was spent entertaining J&G's grandkids Chloe and Ryan. We tried our best to keep them quiet while the folks were at a local exhibition. Anna read some bedtime stories to Chloe however she thought otherwise about going to sleep afterwards. Ryan's smiles made us all laugh however his newly acquired teeth, the best part of the grin seemed to be giving him trouble. We hope the house gets some sleep tonight. Fortunately we are staying at Jackie and Chris's because the house is full at the moment.

Day 140 complete

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