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Dean Rush, Executive Pastor, First Evangelical Free Church

Fossils Found on Beach by Larry Seelke

This morning we said good-bye to Malia Lane. We will miss her at Pecan Grove RV Park. She will be gone for several months.

On the way to the monthly J.O.Y. luncheon at church, I stopped to get some bread for our feast. Before lunch I played Rummikub with three others. Each of us won a game. Our speaker today was Dean Rush, our Executive Pastor and Missions Specialist. He is a former Air Force pilot, air freight company owner and other aviation-related executive. He is author of the book, Flying Free - Life After Crisis, which shares many of his life experiences in both ministry and the corporate world. His story is very interesting and full of victories and defeats. He came out smelling like a rose. We're lucky to have him at our church. His son is pastor of Bannockburn Baptist Church.

Interesting additions to our serving table were fossils found by Larry Seelke on the beach. Their shapes spelled out JOY. How cool is that?

After the J.O.Y. luncheon I had to do some shopping. Ugh! First, I stopped at a shoe store and, amazingly, I found a nice, comfortable pair of black shoes on the clearance rack. I usually am not so successful. Then it was on to grocery shopping. That's a chore I put off so long that my cupboard rivals Mother Hubbard's!

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