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We awoke in Sioux Falls on Wednesday morning, to an outside temperature of 35 degrees, strong wind and snow. That’s right….SNOW!

We ate breakfast downstairs and then took off for the short drive to the Drivers License Station.

Marilyn went in while I parked the truck, and then I joined her.

She had her passport, the old drivers license, her social security card, and the receipt from the hotel showing that we had indeed stayed overnight in South Dakota.

The nice lady she spoke with pointed at the hotel receipt and informed us that it had to be in the name of the person getting the license renewal.

Oops! It was my name on the receipt because we had put the room on my credit card.

Marilyn had some paperwork to complete so I hopped back into the truck and drove back to the hotel, where the cute and very polite young lady at the desk printed a receipt for me with Marilyn’s name on it.

Back at the license bureau we had everything completed and her new license by 8:00 AM.

Out the door we went and then walked next door to our mail forwarding service, where we picked up our mail, asking them to now hold our mail until we are at home in the Rio Grande Valley.

We were on the road a few minutes later, driving with a strong cross wind.

Yesterday we had poor mileage due to the headwind and crosswind combo.

Today we averaged 18.1 mpg with a crosswind and tailwind combo.

We arrived back at our RV right at 4:00 PM having made only one stop for fuel and food.

We immediately began getting more chores done in preparation to leave Sunday morning.

We want as much time with Jen and the little ones as possible, so we are trying to get things done as rapidly as we can.

I loaded the wrapped Christmas packages we are leaving here, into the truck, because we’ll have the little ones here tomorrow. Marilyn ran to Walmart to pick up some gift cards, while I checked the propane, (We need to refill one bottle tomorrow). I also checked the holding tanks. We need to dump the tanks tomorrow, too.

I intend to get the air compressor out and air up the tires and the air suspension system too. It is all these little things which need to be done.

It will all get done and we’ll leave by 8:00 on Sunday morning, get through St Louis with a bit lighter traffic, and make a stop in Sikeston, Missouri for the night.

We may eat dinner at Lamberts while we are there. That is the home of the “Throwed Rolls”.

We plan to spend Monday night in Grenada, MS but that is as far as I will predict anything because you just never know what adventures are out there.

We will miss the kids and grandkids for sure but we love that feeling of freedom being back on the road again.

One thing we do know for sure is that…………..Life is Good!

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