Sammy with the lobsters


Not sure if it would bite or not :-)


Jerry, Vickie & Sammy with Ollie hoping for a hand out. He...

My ugly fish

Vickie & Sammy fishing

Jerry's hook got caught, he did not have the best day fishing...

Glad he made it back, and glad there was a ladder. :-)

No luck for Vickie yet

A great place to fish

We could see the lighthouse in the distance and hear the seals...

Jerry told Sammy to help hold the rod, he thought he had...

This is what he had :-)

Sammy laughing :-)

Loading the stuff back into the car

Next stop was for ice cream and shopping

Vickie about to go for 2 1/2 hours

We checked out the wood carving while Vickie went kayaking




Back at the dock, waiting on Vickie to return

Coming back

View of the area

Vickie way out, second from the left





Last one!

We have been very busy for the last few days. We have gone fishing, Vickie has gone kayaking & much more. The WiFi was out all day yesterday. I am doing a quick catch up while it's working.

We will be leaving the Peggy's Cove area Sunday. Our next updates will be from North Sydney where we will be exploring the Cabot Trail. We are hoping to see some moose. We did spot a red fox yesterday and a grouse family. I was not fast enough with the camera to capture the pictures.

We have caught one fish in the area, I was the lucky one, but the fish was no prize. :-) It was one of the ugliest ones I have ever seen. Jerry caught an old net and thought he had the big one. He told Sammy to help hold the pole while he pulled it in. When he got it out of the water, it was a glob of seaweed combined with old ropes and junk. Sammy laughed so hard, he could not stop.

Vickie went on a sea kayaking tour for over two hours and had a blast. This is a beautiful area to explore and we have enjoyed it much. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

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