Public Gardens Halifax

2011 Games

Bridge over water

Another view

Waterfall with coins

Another view

Other side of the bridge



It was beautiful!



Ice Cream

Coin fountain

Girl making a wish

Items being sold along the fence

Lunch at the Oasis

My first Poutine, it was good, but not on my weight watchers...

Jerry's poutine with beef

Our last stop on the way home, we got some fresh Halibut...

The Halifax Public Gardens are Victorian era public gardens established in 1867. The gardens are located across the street from the Citadel near the popular shopping district of Spring Garden Road. The gardens are a national historic site. The landscaping style is Victorian formal and provides a popular setting for weddings.

We enjoyed walking through part of this huge, 17 - acre park. Winding pathways lead past duck ponds, fountains with coins for making a wish, and beautiful flowers. We watched a little girl cast a coin into the water and make her wish and listened to her mom telling her not to tell. :-) Another great place to visit in Halifax.

We stopped for lunch at the Oasis for a local favorite. This was the first time we had tried poutine. Jerry had the poutine with beef and I had the chicken. Poutine is a diner staple in Canada. It is sold at fast food chains and is a very common dish eaten in high schools etc. It has a layer of fries, topped with a special cheese and gravy. It was quite good, but definitely will not be on my Weight Watcher's list. :-)

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