Red sand beaches

Crystal clear water

Vickie way out and it's still shallow

Why didn't I wear shorts so I could wade? :-)

Jerry, Vickie & Sammy

Incredible beauty!


This old boat has seen better days :-)

Harbor view

Our site in Cavendish

We have arrived in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. We will be staying for a few days, but we have to switch campgrounds... twice. This is the first time we have had problems finding a site in Canada. The island is so beautiful, I can see why. It is prime time for visitors.

We will be staying at Sunset RV for three days, but we have to move to another site in the morning. Then, we have to go to a different campground to find two more nights in Cavendish. We didn't make reservations in advance and we are paying for that mistake, but we have it all worked out.

We are seeing a lot of potato plants blooming. Potatoes are the main crop and they are everywhere. The green color of the fields and the blooming potatoes and wild flowers are outstanding. The beaches have red sand and red cliffs, the water is crystal clear. Did I say this place is beautiful? :-) We are going to enjoy our time here. More later from Prince Edward Island.

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