Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

Sea captain's home overlooking the harbor

Cool building on Main Street with painted windows

Painted windows

A very tall Glooscap statue

Glooscap Restaurant... where we had lunch

Five Islands Wharf .... high tide

Five Islands Wharf ..... low tide

A truck caught by the fast moving tide, I hope he makes...

Five Islands School & Bazaar

Beautiful quilts

Back at the campground, people fishing from the bank

A flock of geese flying over

High tide

Digging for clams at low tide

We are having problems with our WiFi, so this will be a fast one. I will add more pictures when we have better connections.

We visited the small town of Parrsboro and the the Lower Five Islands area. The tides are amazing here. You can see people digging for clams when the tide is out, and walking on the bottom of the ocean. When the tide comes back in, you can fish right off the bank in front of our campsite. It is a really cool place.

We bought some bait and plan to see if we can catch a Striped Bass, they have to be 27 inches in order to keep them. We saw a guy pull a huge one out yesterday, so our hopes are up. :-)

We visited the Five Islands Wharf at low tide and then again at high tide. We saw a truck that was about to be flooded by the fast rising tide. The tide comes in a foot a minute. Wowser! I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. More later from Canada.

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