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Gosh it was a long time ago that we were getting ready to leave Crystal River. What we had planned on being a real easy trip all of fifty miles turned out to be one heck of a day. It all started when we were getting ready to leave. Bill was outside doing his stuff while I was inside doing my thing. Or as it is called in this lifestyle, doing the blue chores and the pink chores. I sure am glad that my job is the pink because just when I pushed the button to close the slides it became a blue job. Yup, nothing happened so that meant it was an outside job and that was a blue job. Where to start? This had never happened before so the first thing to check is the fuses. They are all just fine. Next it was the battery. That worked fine too. Ok, recheck the fuses. Did we miss something? Nope. All fuses were good to go. ½ hour had already passed by this time. Next, get out the manual. Read the manual. They told us to check the fuses and battery. Duh. Been there done that. Think. Another ½ hour has passed. Ok, get out the gadget that checks for current. I don't know what it is called because it is a blue job but by now we mare both working on the project. We knew that there was a manual override on running the slides so we figured that we should go that route and get over to our new home where we could take our time later. All you have to do is run one slide at a time by using our electric drill and turning it by hand. We started with the bedroom slide and it took about fifteen minutes to get it closed completely. Well we knew that the battery's would run down in the drill before we could close all three slides so Bill used that little gadget some more and found the part where the juice wasn't going thru. Very carefully, he by-passed the bad part and sorta hot wired it until we finally got all slides in. Well we were running about 1-½ hours late and Bill still hadn't completed his blue stuff so being the wonderful wife that I am, I did some of the blue stuff. Isn't he lucky to have me. .

Well it was after 1:00 before we got to our site and it had rained the last couple of days. Because we had the yard all torn up when they put the driveway in we had a mud pile. In fact by the time we got parked, our new drive was all dirty. Boo Hoo. Of course the slides still didn't work so we had to reverse the procedure to open them back up again. We will take the bad part in soon and have it replaced but for now we have our work cut out for us.

After setting back up and having a bite to eat we set out to get things started. First we went to Pro-Built where we bought our shed to set up a time for delivery. All taken care of. They will be here Monday morning. Next we stopped at different places to check out what kind of a patio we wanted built. Ya sure. Try to find someone that will build you a patio within this year. Well we decided that we want a stone patio and we found the pattern we want at Lowes. We also found out what else we needed to put it down and came home to plot out our area.

By the time we got home the only thing we had the energy left to do was clean off our dirty driveway before it was dark. Of course a small job like this can take a long time since we are the new people on the block and everyone that walks by stops to talk and offer advice. What a great bunch. I am so glad that we got in at the beginning of this deeded park. It was the end of October that the first lot was sold of what will be 412 lots, or condominiums as they are called here. Wow did we sleep that night only to wake up bright and early ,well it wasn't really bright as it was still dark when we got up at 6am.

As soon as we could we went out to plot out where the shed will be placed. We do have restrictions as to how far from the property lines things can be placed so first we had to find out the property lines. With the help of John and Lanell, the managers of this place, we got that completed and everything is staked out.

Next we made the rounds of some of the landscapers and nursery's in the area. We are having a hard time finding what we want and even a harder time finding someone to help us. I don't know if it is because it is such a small area or if this is just a really busy time of the year for landscapers but it looks like if we want to get things done before we have to leave in March we will just have to do it ourselves. Of course we got rid of every tool that we had so we went out and bought tow shovels, two rakes, two little spades and a wheel barrow. We came home and Bill spent the rest of the day raking and evening out the property.

Today (Sunday) we started out early. We went to Best Buy first to have their Geek Squad help us install an upgrade that we had just received for our GPS. It came on a DVD and neither of our laptops can transfer the data to a Scan Disc so we followed the instructions and had someone else load it in. Well that was our intentions anyway but 3 and ½ hours later, they still did not have it completed. I don't know what the problem is but after paying them $80.00 I'll let them figure it out. We finally left before we got into serious trouble because all the time that we were there we were looking at their new 32"HD TV that would just fit into the entertainment center in our living room. Oh boy would we love one of them but it will just have to wait awhile. We will check back with them tomorrow to see how they are doing. They said that they would check with the company and find out why it was taking so long to load. I sure hope the upgrade works because there are so many new areas around this country that are not on the GPS that it is getting very hard to find places we need. Course by the time a new upgrade comes out a lot of it is already obsolete with all the building going on.

On our way home we stopped at Lowe's and ordered our stone, sand and sod from them. They will deliver it on Tuesday morning. See what I mean by having our work cut out for us. And to think that we sold our house because we "didn't want to do this any more." Well if I know Bill, we will have one of the nicest yards in the park and he will love it. We will take pictures as things progress so that you can follow along with us. We also have a lot of things coming up that we are really looking forward to within the next couple of weeks. We have plans to meet up with three different couples that we have meet since starting out and we can hardly wait. There is an RV show here in Ocala from Feb 1-4th and of course w will have to go to that and then we have several of our favorite Country Singers appearing a couple of miles from us and we are buying season tickets so we can see them all. First is Lee Greenwood on Feb 3rd then Randy Travis, Clint Black and finally George Jones all within the next month. Jody Messina was here yesterday but we heard about it to late to get there.

I'll try to get back here as often as possible but if it takes awhile you will know why. Tell then..................................................................Later

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