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Lady's hands working very rapidly, making dumplings.

Winnie and the big unwrap.

Winnie and Liao love their new picture.

Hard to get a good shot of Iona and myself!!

We slept pretty well, all things considered. Woke around 11am, and noticed that it was still a very cold day, with misty rain to accompany the cold!! We did wake very gently, but found we had no hot water for showering. Uh oh!! But too early to both with it!!

We headed out around 12.30 and went around the corner to the dumpling shop for a snack for our brunch!! Carol was intrigued by the lion/dragon dance costume supplier at the corner.

We had a nice lunch, and Carol was surprised by the fact that she could manage to eat the whole ten dumplings. The owner's wife was busy making dumplings at the back of the restaurant, when we were leaving, so a photo op came up for us!!

Next stop was the ICBC bank for Carol to withdraw cash, and I went into the bank itself, to ensure that there was an English option, in the ATM. There was, so that made it easy. No way I want her to lose her card on the very first day here!!

We did a slow wander down to the back of Walmart, to get Carol a bus card. Then a bus along to the train ticket agency, to see if we could collect our train tickets from there, instead of going out to the train station to do it. I was very hopeful, but at the last minute, it became an issue, as she has not had her passport verified by China Rail. So it looks like a trip to the train station is on the cards. But not today, it was already 4.10pm, and we have an invitation to be at Winnie and Liao's house at 6.30 for dinner.

We walked down the street ready to cross the street to a bus stop, when Carol saw some nice ugg boots in a store front. Only 60rmb ($12!) So, she is now the proud owner of some new warm boots!!

We got a bus part of the way back to the hotel, as I needed to collect Winnie's cross stitch before we go for dinner. I had had a message from the shop, to say that it was ready. Instead of walking along the street, we decided to walk through an alley way that was alongside the wall. Interesting place to walk, and actually somewhere I had not been to before!! Bonus!

As we walked toward the hotel with a cross stitch piece, we passed a little market shop selling many, many drink bottles and thermos flasks. That was one thing that was on Carol's list. So she also managed to get one of those. 350 ml for around 40rmb ($8)

I also managed to find a big ball of twine, that I need to roll up my mattress topper, in order to get it to Melrose's house.

When we got back, I let Koey know that we had no hot water, and she sent a worker to help us out. He turned on taps, then left, saying something or other. About half an hour later, already late to get to Winnie's place, I messaged Koey again, to see if she could find out what is going on. It seems that it is fixed, and he just forgot to come back!!

I called Winnie again, and she ordered a Didi car for us, and by the time we got downstairs, it was waiting at the gate for us!!

At Winnie and Liao's house we were welcomed very warmly, and almost immediately invited to sit down, as Liao had our dinner ready. It was a very nice meal - simple home cooked Chinese local food. Company, as always, was also great!!

After dinner, Winnie gave Carol a tour of their very nice house, and then some friends arrived. They did not stay very long, and then it was time for Winnie to unwrap her new housewarming gift. They were very pleased with it, and already Liao has a place for it to hang.

Another Didi car, and we were back to the hotel. Freezing cold, in fact there had been snow on Dinghu Mountain today!! We decided to try the air conditioner, and sure enough it is a heater too, and warmed the room beautifully. Much more comfortable now!!

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