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January Birthday Honorees, Ruth Stehling and Val White

Mikail Davenport and Ruth Stehling Preparing Saturday Breakfast

Cen-Tex Campout at La Grange


This morning I was up early because I needed to get Daisy’s oil changed and get her annual inspection done. I was at Jiffy Lube by 8:30. The inspector was scheduled to arrive by 9:00 but he was nowhere to be found. Finally, the Jiffy Lube supervisor called him around 9:30 and he told her that he would be there in about an hour and a half. Of course, I didn’t want to wait that long, so the supervisor referred me to an inspection station just down the street. All was well until the inspector said that he couldn’t approve the inspection because the right turn lever wouldn’t stay up. He referred me to an electrical shop to have it repaired. Alas, that shop doesn’t work on RVs because they are too tall to fit into their bays.

By that time my frustration level was rising, so I decided to go on to Discount Tires for my usual inflation check. While there, I asked for their recommendation for the inspection. They gave me three possibilities. I called Hackney Auto, Truck & Fleet Service, who were able to do the inspection. They didn’t find anything wrong with the right turn lever but Daisy didn’t pass their inspection because of a non-functioning high beam indicator light. Aarrgghh!! It cost me $200 just to get that little item repaired. They had to re-wire it. The irony of this is that I never drive my RV at night. I can’t help but wonder why this was never an issue for inspections over the past 11 years.

Finally, I was on my way to the campout and arrived in La Grange around 3:45.

Tonight, a large weather system moved into Texas and dropped some more rain on us.


It was cloudy and dreary all day today but not very cold. We just stayed in the club room most of the time. However, several of us went to Weikel’s Bakery for lunch, where our taste buds were tempted by all kinds of goodies. They have good soups and sandwiches, too. After lunch Ruth, Sue and I went to Beall’s. Ruth wanted a pair of shoes. I hadn’t planned to buy anything – just went along for the ride – but, as so often happens with me, I find something when I’m least expecting it. This time I found some earrings that I liked. Why is it that, when I’m actually shopping for something I need, I rarely find it?

Tonight we had dinner at the Sealand Seafood restaurant. The food and service were good. I brought home enough food for two more meals!


It was still cloudy and dreary today so we didn’t do much. However, we did have a good start to our day by way of a bountiful meal of breakfast pizza, cinnamon rolls, juice and coffee prepared by Ruth Stehling and Mikail Davenport.

STATS Route: TX 71 E / TX 71 Bus. to La Grange => RT on Main => RT on Cedar to RV park Total Miles Driven: 66 Weather Conditions: Dry and sunny Road Conditions: Mostly good; some construction east of Austin RV Park: Colorado Landing [] Park Conditions: Large pull-through sites, nice club house with bathrooms and laundry, free Wi-Fi, dog park, propane, swimming pool, nature walk along Colorado River

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