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Decided it was time to hit the surf as the locals do at Scarborough beach a few k's down the coast. I picked up a wetsuit and board form the local hire centre and headed down to the sea only to be confronted by big waves crashing and rolling.

At Lancelin a few weeks back we had experienced some pretty big swell and decent sized waves but these looked far more severe and I was a bit nervous about surfing on my own. I took to the sea and within a minute was nearly knocked out with a rogue surfoard flying over my head. I realised that today was not going to be very successful but I still intended on enjoying myself.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to ride a single wave, instead I had to be content with feeling the force of a proper wipeout and the sheer strength of the WA sea. I took a few mouthfuls of salt water and got tired incredibly quickly but I still had a great time which was the main thing. Being out on the ocean sure beats being cooped up in an office as most would agree.

I felt a little dejected as we headed back to J&G's house but knew that more with more lessons and practice I could ride those waves. Just watching some of the surfers and bodyboarders out there inspired me even more.

Day 134 complete

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