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Today is a sad day people! We have to leave the hotel Istana for a 5 hour drive down to Singapore to stay in a dorm! :(

We never hold out much hope for bus trips as they are usually cramped hot and very very long!! So you can imagine our surprise when a super duper brand new Super VIP amazingly clean coach turns up....early!!!......and we find out we are the only people on it!

The seats were really comfy, we had a tv screen each with speakers in the headrest, we got free snacks the aircon worked and we didn't have to stop off at any over priced food halls!

The border crossing was quick and painless and we even arrived early! It really was the best coach journey we have had yet!

Aaaannnnyway we arrived in Singapore around 10pm and jumped in a cab to our new home sleepy sams hostel (which wasn't particually cheap and had really bad reviews on the net!) but we went anyway!!

It was down a pretty quiet road lined with little shops that you couldn't drive down, set back from the main hustle and bustle of the city but still in the city centre!

We check in to our first dorm, it looked clean and modern, the room had around 12 bunk beds (so 20 odd people) and private rooms at the end of each row of bunks.

The beds were comfy, they had curtains around them so you had a bit of privacy and it looked pretty good to us!

We pretty much headed straight to bed tonight but so far so good!


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