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Grand Canyon, South Rim

Grand Canyon

Mike shared his snack

Valley below

Enjoying the view

Loreto Chapel's Miracle Staircase

Santa Fe Farmer's Market

"Big Dog" with a big dog!

Indian Art, Museum Hill

Art from Museum Hill

Art studio on Canyon Road, New Mexico

Ski Taos

Best Relleno Ever!!

Flagstaff became our base camp. The park was busy, which I found odd until I realized that there are families that live in RV parks. Don’t know why I was surprised, guess I just hadn’t given it much thought until the usual neighborhood scene unfolded with lots of kids walking and biking into the park with backpacks in the early afternoon hours. It would be an inexpensive way to live.

I longed to return to Sedona. Our last trip here was about 20 years ago when we camped with our young sons. It seemed certain things would have changed and yes they had. I hardly recognized downtown

Sedona. The town now has a mall type shopping and dining district with an excellent visitor’s center. Luckily we met a knowledgeable local there that shared some hiking, biking and restaurant info with us. Our day there was composed of a bike ride to Bell Mountain, a hike to Doe Mountain with panoramic views and a wonderful lunch of authentic Mexican cuisine at the Javelina Cantina, yummy! It always pays to ask the locals.

Need I mention my favorite place on this earth is the Grand Canyon? Can’t explain it but the place just speaks to me. This visit was my 4th and I am certain won’t be my last. It is the most awe inspiring place for me. We hiked the steep 3 mile Cedar Ridge trail. The trail was filled with hikers and Conservation Corp members, who were upgrading the trail, most of whom were from foreign countries. They all seemed to enjoy the work and the experience with big smiles on their faces. Afterward, Mike and I took a long bike ride along the south rim just to take it all in one last time. Next time we will visit the north rim which is completely different, more forested but equally awesome. One day my sister will visit!!!

A couple days later we found ourselves in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In the past New Mexico was a state we passed through on our way to somewhere else. We spent a week camping in the outskirts of Santa Fe in a nice and quiet RV park. We made a trip into town every day to enjoy the museums, shopping, art galleries on Canyon Road, local farmer’s market, the Loreto Chapel with the miracle staircase and the many wonderful restaurants. I have to admit, El Charro had the best chili relleno I have ever eaten so of course we ate there more than once!

Lastly, we took the time to enjoy one last ski day in Taos. The ski resort was just a 2 hour drive away so it seemed like a great opportunity to ski New Mexico. The resort was interestingly located in a valley with the ski area on one side. The snow is quite different from California; it was slippery and took a little getting used to. We thoroughly enjoyed the day in Taos and felt grateful to have the experience.

Did I mention Santa Fe has 2, yes 2 Whole Foods Markets? So jealous……

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