Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

It's Mozart

Me and some boys

movie set


cool statue


do you like my dorky hat?

out and about in Vienna

the clock

one of the many figures

massive church

weight of the world

thats my wooden motorcycle

havin fun in the music museum

conducting an orchestra

it's a banana

purty building

nice gardens

government building

can you see me?

up close

gorgeous fountain

my travel buddie ariana

havin fun

nice buildings

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Slow clock in Vienna

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Arianna doing the waltz

Ariana and I caught a train to Vienna which only takes an hour from Bratislava. We easily caught a tram to the center and found the Hofburg. There was lots of film sets going on there around the grounds. We watcha a few for a bit. We had heard about this staronomical clock that goes off at 12pm and has all these figures that come out. So we went there and ya us and a million other tourists showed up. The figures went by so slow and it wasn't that interesting so we took off haha.

Walked around the shopping streets and found the House of music museum. It was a really fun interactive museum. We got to make our own waltz by rolling dice and conduct the vienna orchestra. Lots of really cool information. THere was also a brain opera. Spent a few hours there.

Found a cafe to eat in before walking around the shopping area some more and then walked through some gardens and the parliament building before catching a trian back to Bratislava. But we ended up getting a train to the wrong station and had to get a bus to our hostel.

Grabbed her sister from back at the hostel and we walked around the town at night to see it really come to life.

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