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One of the mansions from the sheep-boom era

Punta Arenas was once a rich town from the wool industry in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The evidence of this now is the giant mansions that line the streets around the main square. Other than that it´s just a pleasant coastal town, on the windy side, of course, as everything in Patagonia seems to be. It´s also known as a good place from which to go on a tour to see penguins, but we beat the system and already saw twice the number of penguins for $5 per person less. haha! Take that, Lonely Planet. They didn´t even mention the place we saw the penguins, even though it´s the second largest colony in South America. (we are getting a little fed up with our "South America on a Shoestring" guide, so it´s good that we are leaving South America soon.) We went to the Nautical Museum while we were here, which was even less exciting than it sounds. (It was great! Charlie) We were disappointed that the king crabs the area is known for were out of season, but cured ourselves with a new discovery, bombitas, which are little cake things covered in chocolate. It all comes down to the food for us...

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