Our site while we wait :-)

Our new friend... Hauley Cumming, thanks a million for your help!!!

Where we picked up our alternator in Maine

We had great German food here

The main factory in town, they make musical cymbals

The Saint John River runs through the town

Another view

Last one!

We are still in Canada, we are having mechanical problems. We got about 12 miles from the border and lost power. We think it's the alternator. We are parked at a garage and they are going to take a look at it today. Another nice Canadian allowed us to park at his store/garage overnight. He hooked us up with electric and even WiFi. All is well, will keep you posted when we find our more.

UPDATE.... August 19: We drove across the border from Meductic, New Brunswick to Houlton, Maine. We picked up the new alternator ($565.00) and drove back across the border into Canada. They are working on it now.

We should be driving across the border to Maine again this evening. This will be our third border crossing today. Our next post should be from somewhere in Maine, after we have rested and have our personalities back. :-)

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