2017 Western Spring Fling travel blog

Coronado Castle silhouetted in the glow before the sun rises above the...

The Castle getting lighter

Another view of the castle from the road below

Inside the castle - leftovers from the early morning party

The sun peeking above the horizon

The sun getting to be a bigger disk

Fully above the horizon

View to the west from Coronado Heights

Glow behind the castle

Panorama from the top of the Heights

Road climbing to Coronado Heights

Another view from Coronado Heights

The sign says "Welcome" on the old bridge over the Smoky Hill...

1898 Smoky Valley Roller Mill in Lindsborg

1904 World's Fair Swedish Pavilion

1879 Lindsborg’s Kansas Pacific/Union Pacific Railroad Depot

1903 West Kentuck One Room School

One of the mushrooms at Mushroom Rocks

The other mushroom

Carving on the "stems" of the mushrooms

One of the many old farmstead ruins on the Great Plains

The Tin Man at the KOA

I got up early this morning to return to Coronado Heights to watch the sunrise over the Great Plains. When I got there there was another car parked next to the castle that was going to ruin the shot if they didn’t move. I was parked across the hilltop and could hear that it was a bunch of kids that appeared to have spent the night drinking. The was a lot of yelling and 4-letter words coming from their car. I never know what to expect when I alone in the dark at these places. Fortunately they packed up and drove away before the sunrise and I was able to get some great images of the castle and a colorful sky.

After the the sun was up I drove into Lindsborg again because I wanted to try to get some pictures of the old flour mill, and some of the historic buildings in the historic park near the river. I also wanted to find a place to get some breakfast. No luck on the breakfast, but was able to capture the old train station, a one room schoolhouse, and a building that was moved from the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. It was the Swedish pavilion at the exposition and was purchased by a US diplomat and donated to Bethany College. The College used it as a classroom building as well as other activities over the years before it was donated to Lindsborg and moved to the city’s Historic Park.

Since I was out, I decided to go to Mushroom Rocks State Park about 25 miles west of Lindsborg. You can tell by its name that there are mushroom shaped rocks or hoodoos there. There are 2 mushroom rocks in this small park that were formed from the erosion of the soft underlying rock leaving a harder rock capstone on top. It’s a matter of time before the capstone will be on the ground from further erosion especially given the amount of carving that has taken place in the “stem”.

Breakfast had to wait until I got back to near the the KOA when I stopped at the local IHOP. I was ready for a nap when I got back to Winnie.

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