Hundy Tour 2016-2017 travel blog

Walked to our new resort with a bag of washing $1 per kg

Old market to get T-shirts for JGAL & T (got James a hostel, one yesterday).

Bought 6 as not sure on Andy's size so through in the beige one too $18 for 6 £14.45 (not particularly cheap).

Got a tuk-tuk from Siem Reap Hostel to Garden Villa to dump cases then on to Post Office / Bank. (Tuk-tuk $3 - not cheap either).

Changed £100, only got $112.56!

Then spent $47 to send box of T- shirts and other suplus gear home. 2.460kg 2-3 weeks air-mail or $39 to go by sea.£38 or £31.30.

Went in The Old Market to find rest of gifts but ended up having a beer and being sold 13 postcards at the table for $1. Tim video called Sal.

Went down Bar Street a bit later, neither of us smoking.

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