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Betty Bird (Regent) and Tacy Slade (Corresponding Secretary)

Kay Alston, Patricia Horridge, Laurie Dodson and Visitor

'Martha Washington' Presiding at Tea

'Martha Washington' and Rebecca Kohout

Rebecca Kohout, 'Martha Washington', Judy Ostler (State Regent) & Betty Bird

Val White

This morning at our monthly DAR meeting we had an interesting program with Kay Yarbrough depicting Martha Washington. Martha was hosting a tea party and telling how she met George Washington and how their lives where changed when they lived in New York and Philadelphia, the first two capital cities. She was very glad to be back in their Virginia home, Mount Vernon. Sadly, both had died within a couple of years after their return to private life.

We had about 35 visitors from several area DAR chapters. Judy Ostler, the Texas State Regent, was our special visitor. Many of the women wore hats, much as women would have done when they attended Martha Washington’s parties. I was glad I wasn’t the only one with a bare head.

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