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Cassiar Mtns

Rancheria Falls on the Rancheria River

Another view

Forest floor at the falls - so thick!

Continental Divide info - last time we hit the divide was in...

Mtns on the divide

Nisutlin Bay Bridge

Most bridges up here have metal grate decking

Nisutlin Bay

Teslin Lake - we were beside this lake for 20+ miles

Another view

Squanga Lake

Beginning of the Yukon River

Mtns & trees - glad we appreciate them because we've seen a...

Arctic Lupine - or as we would say in TX - bluebonnets

Home in Pioneer RV Park outside Whitehorse, YT

Today was beautiful & sunny - most of the day. As usual, it became partly cloudy & those clouds had rain in them. So we had a few showers late in our drive & even some thunder after we were set up in Whitehorse.

The day started out great for wildlife - we saw a black bear & a grizzly bear in the first hour. Then nothing - until we saw a very healthy coyote in the last hour of our drive. That's it.

It was another drive thru spectacular forests & mtns with rivers & lakes everywhere. There's lots of water up here.

We got set up in Pioneer RV Park outside of Whitehorse. It's another gravel parking lot with hookups - think that's the norm up here. But the wifi is great!

Tomorrow we'll start exploring Whitehorse. More later...

Critter Count: Black bear - 1 (17) - Grizzly bear - 1 - Coyote - 1 (2)

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