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Cotton Grass - it does look like cotton

Pretty country leaving Denali

Alaska has 2 seasons - winter & road construction!

We followed the Nenana River most of the day

And drove thru trees

Lots of black spruce = muskeg = frost heaves = road construction

Nenana River at the town of Nenana

The truck loads in Alaska are really a mixed bag

Minto Flats - bogs, small lakes & creeks

Another view

The fireweed & other wildflowers are spectacular!

The bees are loving the wildflowers, too

Th Nenana River winds across this country

Home in the River's Edge RV Park in Fairbanks

We watched this lovely robin outside our window

Another nice farmers market - fresh veggies for dinner

An artisan at work at the market

A mural in downtown Fairbanks

This is for our friend Juanita - some quilting we've seen recently

There was a car show in the rv park this evening -...

Yesterday we drove a few hours from Denali to Fairbanks. It should have been just a couple of hours but we sat at a construction zone for quite awhile & then followed the pilot truck for 11 miles!

It was a pretty drive out of the mountains & back into the mountains & back out of the mountains.

River's Edge RV Park on the outskirts of Fairbanks is a very nice rv park for Alaska. It has lots of nice trees, some grass, the spaces are separated by trees & bushes & it's on the Chena River.

This morning we did our laundry - great laundry facilities with lots of washers & driers & a reasonable $2/load. This afternoon we went to the farmers market & then drove downtown to see what was there.

More of Fairbanks to come...

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