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We just hit the gravel road on our way to Chicken

Beautiful downtown Chicken!

Gold panning & Pedro Dredge No. 4

This warning was in error - the rough road went on to...

This placer mining operation was going full throttle

These suction dredges were being worked on down the road - uh...

Left to Eagle - right to Top of the World Hwy &...

Top of the World Highway

The views are spectaclar!

Here's the 13 mi of road construction - rough road for sure!

This is a joint US-Canada border crossing

Back into Yukon

Views from the Top of the World!

Home for the night

Nice view!

View of the big forest fire smoke

After a quick breakfast & packing things away in the trailer we headed for Chicken. Chicken is a town - but in the winter it only has 6 residents. It's an old mining area & there's still a lot of mining going on. We drove by a big placer mining operaton & several small suction dredges working on Jack Wade Creek.

From the Taylor Hwy (they use the word highway very loosely around here) we turned onto the Top of the World Hwy. This was a really fun adventure! The views were spectacular - especially since there are hardly any guardrails & lots of steep dropoffs. There's one section with a 1,000' drop & no guardrails - but we were on the inside "lane" on that section so weren't able to get great pics of the river down below. Sorry! The last 13 miles of the road in Alaska are under construction - yuk. It had rained the day/night before & there was a section that was 4" deep clay mud. Two Holland America tour busses went thru ahead of us - one got stopped by a vehicle in front of it & it took 3 tries to finally get thru. David put the truck in 4wd, Judi said a quick prayer & we slipped & slid our way thru with no problem (other than a mud-coated truck - the long mud flaps on the truck kept the majority of the mud off the trailer).

We got thru the border crossing with no hassles. The customs agent even kidded David about being from Texas & not having any guns! He was curious about us being fulltime rvers & asked lots of questions like "Everything you own is with you in the trailer?" Think that was what led to the being from TX & not having any guns comment.

Just past the border is the highest point on the Top of the World Hwy so we stopped to enjoy the views. The views continued to be spectacular as we headed on down the hwy. The road was vastly improved once we got into Canada.

We found a great "informal campsite" about 30 mi before Dawson City. It was a little way off the road & very private. We had great views, too. Unfortunately, one of the views was of the smoke from the big forest fire the other side of Tok.

Another quiet, relaxing evening.

Tomorrow we'll hit Dawson City so - more later...

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