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A little friend visited us on the balcony

Me burning my butt

Steve contemplating burning his butt

Our hotel, couldn't be much closer eh?

Daniel Craig eat your heart out..!

We are quite sad to be leaving Hawaii but there is only so much you can do here without loads of money. I would have loved to travel to The Big Island to see a live volcano but without the funds to fly us there we were a bit stuck. Hopefully we can last a bit longer in Florida.

We found some money off tokens in amongst the stuff we were given when we first arrived (doh) and one of them was for 50% brekkie at LuLu's, so off we went.

It was pouring with rain so we used the hotel's back entrance to LuLu's on the 3rd floor... something else we'd only just found out today!

Brekkie was great at usual, we sat on the terrace bar overlooking the beach and watched the rain clear quickly into blue sky. I think we'll have to get used to rain as we've been watching nothing but storm warnings in Florida, it's their hurricane season.

We're flying out tomorrow so I called the airport transfer company to arrange our return pickup, we'll be picked up at 10am.

After breakfast we went into one of the ABC shops (like a Hawaiian Cost Cutter..) to pick up our free gift. We'd saved up over $100 in receipts and were entitled to a mug or a calendar, Steve chose a mug (the mug).

Another freebie we had was for a beach bag from the Expedia kiosk in the hotel reception... they must have known this because each time we went to cash it in they were either not there or 'busy'... hmmm.

The only thing we had left to book for Florida was accommodation, we found one hostel but it wasn't anywhere near downtown Orlando, so we found a cheap Travelodge and booked in for 3 nights.

I'd noticed yesterday when looking out of the window that there was a reef very close to our hotel and the water was quite flat, so I managed to convince Steve to check the snorkeling out.

I was amazed by the fish I saw, the reef wasn't as spectacular as Hanauma Bay but the fish were. I saw some cool spotted puffer fish, some cuttle fish... one of which was eaten by a bigger fish while I was watching... and a long dood who's name I'll have to look up.

Steve was bookworming on the beach all this time and he was quite happy to wait so I had two really long explores of the reef... and burnt my butt in the process.

Steve wasn't as keen to go in this time and when he did he lasted about a minute... 'don't like snorkling..'

Once we'd dried off we went to Starbucks for a cool down and a coffee in their air conditioning. Before we came away on this trip we'd meet up for lunch at work and dream about having a coffee in the US and then saying 'what shall we do next', rather than rushing back to work for the afternoon... and we did just that! We watched the world go by, which included people waking past with surf boards, kids all excited and dressed up for the beach, homeless people getting their fixes delivered right outside the window..... it was simply idyllic.

What we decided to do next was to walk up to the surf beach and check out the waves. There were loads and loads of people out but unfortunately no waves. The waves there were ended up with about 18 people trying to catch it and carnage on the other side. After long deliberations we decided to call it a day on the surfing exploits and save it for another time... sniff.

To cool off (and wash the sand off.. hee hee) we went back to the pool and specky Steve put his nose back in his book and I had a snooze.

As it was our last night we decided to go to LuLu's for dinner, it's a tad expensive but we chose the cheapest stuff on the menu and did some more people watching. Unfortunately, there wasn't much of a sunset to see us off tonight but we still had fun reminiscing with a few drinks.

Back at the room we managed to speak to Auntie Rev and Kaleb, who is a very grown up boy now, he's walking too, it made us realise how much we've missed since we've been away.

We also spoke to the Lawrences and Jenna said 'cheese' for us which was nice...

Nighty night,


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