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My sister Ramie


Lake Mead, Arizona

New Tillman/O'Callahan Bridge

Statue from below at Hoover Dam

View from above

David and Stephanie of SV Cambria

After a “shake down” trip to the Sierras to ski, we were ready to depart on a full fledged motorhome tour, yahoo! We’ve had the idea for a long time….without plans, reservations or deadlines.

First stop was Fort Mojave, neighboring Laughlin, Nevada. This is now my sister and her husband’s hometown for the last 7 years or so and a few since we last visited. Not much has changed. Ramie and Gary still live in a lovely, quiet neighborhood with many friends (some of whom have relocated from California as well). After a couple of nights of sleeping in their house(treat for us),talking, eating, drinking, gambling and visiting with their friends Cathy and Dale, it was time to depart. I will miss my big sister as we only see each other a couple of times per year. We look forward to seeing each other again at Christmas.

We took the opportunity to see some “cruiser” friends, meaning people who live on boats and travel, of whom we met in 2008 in Coos Bay, Oregon whilst we were sailing north to Alaska. They too were headed to the Inside Passage of the Pacific Northwest and we became fast friends. Stephanie and David from the sailing vessel Cambria, continue to sail the PNW since we left. We caught them on a rare land tour at Lake Mead, Nevada of all places. It was wonderful to visit for a couple of days and catch up on our divergent yet similar lifestyles. This was our first trip to Lake Mead however David and Stephanie were residents of the area previous to their sailing lifestyle and were quite knowledgeable about how much the area has changed…namely much less water. Mike and I toured the marina there and found an interesting trail to hike or bike. Stephanie enjoys hiking so she joined Mike and I on a 9.5 mile hike. The trail was previously a train path. It took us to see Hoover Dam and we were able to walk across the new (2010) Tillman/O’Callahan Bridge. Views from the bridge were spectacular. It was great to share this experience together and just talk and talk and talk. Our time together as always was too short yet off we went with much more to discover elsewhere. We hope to rendezvous sometime in the near future but in the meantime Facebook will have to do!

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