Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog

a church

hahahaha...ya it's the mayors offices


through the arch


old town

i want one

me and ariana haha in the distance


spaceship bridge

Got on a train early in the morning to Bratislava, Slovakia. Met a guy from Montreal on the train and he sat with me. As we were waiting for the train to leave a guy came up to us and was trying to distract us while another guy tried to get in Montreal guy's other bag. It didn't work because I caught the other guy and they both ended up walking away. Have to be really careful!

Got into Bratislava and caught a tram to my hostel. I ended up talking hockey with the guy at the front desk while I waitied to get checked in. He seemed to think that Slovaki would beat Canada hahaha. SIlly! I met 2 american sisters and the 3 of us ended up walking around the city. We went up to the castle and walked around the old town for a bit. Ended up going out for dinner with them and one of the sisters decided she would come with me to Vienna the next day. The other sister had already been before.

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