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at home

I can’t believe that the summer is already over as the Labor Day weekend brings it to an official end, even as warm temperatures keep us in shorts and sandals. We have enjoyed our stay at home and are grateful that we can afford to own what we have come to refer to as our summer home and as well as a traveling home. So many wonderful choices. It’s easy to work on fitness in our active adult community. We’ve played tennis three times a week and golfed twice a week and taken some wonderful bike rides throughout the summer. The Memorial Day ride along Lake Michigan on Lake Shore Drive which is closed to traffic for the event is a special treat and a similar ride on the south side of Chicago past lovely historic homes (including Obama’s) and the campuses of the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois in Chicago broadened our knowledge of our city. To exercise our minds we’ve enjoyed plays and music concerts. We took a dinner cruise on Lake Michigan and looked back at fireworks over the city. There is something interesting to do every day of the week around here.

I can't believe how many books I've read since we got home in May. The six months prior I did not read one. This has lead me to realize how much time we spend researching where we are going, where we will stay and what we will do after we get there. When we're home and know where things are and can anticipate annual events, much less study and preparation is needed. And we always know where we will spend the night.

As we prepare to leave I savor preparing a final meal in my spacious kitchen, using the dishwasher, laundering another huge load of sweaty exercise clothes in our huge washing machine and making last minute menu decisions based on what we’ve stored in the chest freezer. We’ve been streaming movies and shows that we missed last spring at lightening speeds; that will be much less likely in the months ahead. Living here is definitely more convenient than living in our home on wheels, but it’s time for a change of scenery. Sooner or later icy winds will blow and we’ll still be comfortable, continuing to be outside and enjoying new experiences. We’ve stuffed the motor home with tropical weather clothes, cruise clothes, Europe clothes, and some warm stuff to wear when we come back for the holidays. We’re also bringing some extra household goods for the building on the new campsite lot we purchased on a quick trip to The Great Outdoors in Titusville, FL in June. It will allow us to have guests and visitors who don’t own RV’s and we look forward to hosting friends and family to enjoy the warm with us in the future. January and February are already taken.

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