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Winnie and Iona.

Liao at the entrance to the village. Shame about the scaffolding.

Walking through the village.

A market area.

Fruit market.

Remains from this morning's fireworks.

Winnie, with a beautiful big old tree.

Another entry gateway.

Looking through the pathways between houses.

First view of the eating area for the huge wedding feast.

Cooking - on a huge scale.

Our table, complete with coconut milk, orange juice, and Chinese rice wine.

Looking back down the path we walked in on.

Everyone is eating.

Close up of some of the guests.

It's hard enough to get the fingers right - but a smile...

There were huge containers of rice, to help yourself to.

Our selection. Most of it was very nice.

Liao and his cute daughter, Iona.

Liao and his cute daughter, Iona.

Little boys having fun drumming in the room where all the ceremonial...

Little boys having fun drumming in the room where all the ceremonial...

Little boys having fun drumming in the room where all the ceremonial...

Little boys having fun drumming in the room where all the ceremonial...

Little boys having fun drumming in the room where all the ceremonial...

Little boys having fun drumming in the room where all the ceremonial...

Then they came outside, and everyone got into it.

Then they came outside, and everyone got into it.

Then they came outside, and everyone got into it.

Then they came outside, and everyone got into it.

Flying drumsticks.

Flying drumsticks.

This guy was very keen to showcase what the little kids could...

Great communal effort.

Village community centre.

Village community centre.

Dishes by the crateful!

Pretty little family.

Interesting old face.

Interesting old face.

Handsome boys.

Mahjong in a back room.

The bridegroom is about to set off and collect his bride.

Eating is finished now.

Buckets of leftover food.

Clearing up Lian Tan style.

Up an alleyway.

Common flower here, but I love it anyway.

Iona, Liao, Winnie and Liao's sister.

Iona, Liao, Winnie and Liao's sister.

I just love these ancient trees.

Water tower servicing some of the village.


Looks like an abandoned restaurant.

But looking through the front, now I am not sure whether it...

Must own a tile factory - even tiles on the ceiling of...

Chickens awaiting their fate.



More geese.


And more chickens. I love their colouring.

Poultry market.

Lian Tang Village.

Wow! What is a Porsche doing here in the backblocks?

Another wedding today, but this lunch in a hotel.

The entrance to the dining room, announcing the wedding.

Pretty cute.

The newlyweds actually came and posed for me, near their picture.

Isn't she beautiful. So much more becoming than the white wedding gowns...

Iona and a big fish who would like to get through the...

What a wonderful day!! I was invited to go with Winnie and Liao to a wedding in the village where Liao grew up. It was a cold day, but when you know it is going to be cold, at least you can be prepared, and dress accordingly.

Winnie messaged me just after 10 am to let me know they were on their way, so I headed down to the front gate. By the time we set off, it was probably about 10.30, an we headed out onto the expressway which goes to Wuzhou in the west, and to Guangzhou to the east.

It was a pleasant drive, past mountains that were shrouded in cloud. And it rained lightly on and off for a lot of the way there, but thankfully it stopped before we arrived at the village.

Coming off the freeway, poor Liao ended up in the wrong queue to get through the toll gate. He should have been in the line for cars, but we were in the truck line! And that meant we took longer to get through than perhaps we could have!

But not to worry, we arrived, and I saw a hotel with a whole archway of balloons, and thought that was where we were going, but no, we crossed a main road, and walked down through small roads to get to the village where the wedding was going to be held.

I was very surprised at the size of the marquee in the open space of the village. I could not guess how many tables were set out. But I would imagine that there would have been at least 400 people there.

We got ushered to a table on a raised area, where a guy said that we would have a good view for taking photos. We went into the community centre, where the cooking was taking place. The was a veritable hive of massed helpers. The job must be huge.

We had finished eating, when Liao took Iona for a walk. It was great to see him interacting with his little daughter. They took off hand in hand, and at different places that were of interest to Iona Liao would squat down and explain things to her. Really nice to see. He is a little lacking in patience with her, but he really does think the world of her.

We were still sitting watching what was going on, when the sound of drumming started. At first I thought that there was a lion or dragon dance about to start. So, I followed the sound, and found a storeroom that held a whole lot of ceremonial gear. And there was a little boy who I was told is six years old giving the drum skin a real hammering. Gee, he was good.

After playing around in the storeroom for quite a while, the kids all came outside onto the porch, with quite a few little boys taking turns at the drum, and others playing the cymbols, and one very young kid with a big mask on his head. But he was so shy, it was hard to get pictures of him.

Later I went for a walk around, got some more pictures, handsome boys, the bridegroom, and then slop buckets full of scrap food, women clearing up with a hose, and then we set off, back to the car.

It was a nice walk, with Winnie and Liao both going out of their way to show me points of interest.

When we got back to where the car was parked, Liao needed a toilet break, and went into the hotel there. While he was gone, I got a photo of the bride whose wedding feast was held there. And then I managed to get a picture of the newly wed couple outside. So obliging.

We got back to the medical college at about 2.30! I was feeling really sleepy so had a kip on my bed. I had arranged to meet Melrose for dinner, so I set the alarm for 5pm. Lucky I did because I was out like a light!

I got to Spango just before 6pm, and was surprised when Larry walked in. But then I had a message from Melrose to say she was on her way, and that she had asked Larry to join us. Before she got there, Bing, who is one of the main cooks at the restaurant, and who used to live in Bendigo for some time, came to talk to me, and then she rang her daughter Coco, and I talked to her, and she said that she would come and catch up with me.

When I first met Coco, she was about 14 or 15, and had recently returned to Zhaoqing after being in Bendigo for about five years. She was finding it hard to settle back here at that time. She is now nearly 23, graduating from university in June, and quite the young lady. Her English is still very reminiscent of Australia.

We had a nice dinner, and Larry took home the leftovers because like usual we had ordered way too much.

It was very cold, so we all headed off to home after dinner, as it was just too cold to be hanging around outside!

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