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Main St. in Lindsborg

Lindsborg Dala Horses

Sankta Lucia, Saint Lucy, a 3rd Century Christian martyr revered by the...

One of the weather vanes in town

Stopped in to the Blacksmith Shop for an iced tea

Roseburg Bed & Breakfast

Ol Stuga for lunch

We went to Lindsborg, KS on Tuesday after visiting Coronado Heights Park just outside of Lindsborg. I wanted to check out the Coronado Castle so I could go back at sunrise for pictures. After looking at the castle we drove into Lindsborg, know as "Little Sweden". It was originally built up by Swedish immigrants in the late 19th century by a group of Swedish immigrants from the province of Varmland in Sweden. The city's Swedish-language name means Linden Castle. It was named for three men Messrs. Lind, Lindgren and Lindahl, who were members of a Chicago organization of Swedish farmers which was involved in the settling of Lindsborg until 1877. The town is still 30% Swedish heritage. The downtown has a number of gift shops that specialize in Swedish souvenirs and is decorated with dala horses. The data horse is a traditional carved, painted wooden horse statuette originating in Swedish province Dalarna . It was mostly used as a toy for children. The ones located in front of many businesses in town are fiberglass statues about 3 ft tall decorated in different themes. There are quite a few smaller traditional red horses that people have hanging over their doors. We stopped in a local bar/restaurant, Ol Stuga, for a late lunch. It was pretty much standard bar food, but the beer I had was pretty good. It was a local brew, Tallgrass Brewing Co. Key Lime Pie. It had a strong, but not overpowering flavor of lime which was refreshingly cold after walking around in the heat.

There's also a Russian connection (isn't there one everywhere?) to Lindsborg. the Anatoly Karpov International School of Chess, located downtown. Karpov came to Lindsborg to prepare for one of his World Championship matches with Gary Kasparov. He liked the town so much that he established his chess school there. It's one of 20 in the world bearing Karpov's name, but the only one in the US. Mikhail Gorbachev, friend of Karpov, spent a day in Lindsborg in 2005 as part of the international Chess for Peace initiative (a Karpov initiative). He apparently ate at Ol Stuga as there are pictures of him hanging on the wall and he stayed at the Roseburg Bed & Breakfast.

I'll be returning to Lindsborg for photography around Coronado Heights and in town along the Smoky Hill River and museum complex. Stay tuned.

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