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‘Mustangs - They Carried the Men Who Made Texas’ - Alec Phimister...

This afternoon Carolyn Nottleson and I went to the University of Texas campus to see Julie Conquest’s show at the Visual Art Center. Julie is a PhD candidate at UT working in Art and Anthropology to document the story of RV life. In the summer of 2014 she began spending as much time as possible with RVers – when she wasn’t teaching. She was motivated to do this project because she believes that there is something truly beautiful about the RV community and she wanted to help people living it to tell the story.

She collected photos and recordings contributed by RVers. The project has grown and expanded to include 104 participants. She is showing some of the work at the Visual Art Center from January 27 to February 9. There was a special opening party on January 27 but I wasn’t feeling well enough to attend. Bummer!

On the way back to the parking garage, I saw a statue in front of the Texas Memorial Museum that I just had to photograph. The inscription on the front panel (written by J. Frank Dobie) reads: Mustangs - They carried the men who made Texas. Presented to the People of Texas by Ralph Rogers Ogden and Ethel Ogden. Alec Phimister Proctor, Sculptor MCMXLVIII.

The ten-ton statue was finished in 1941 but couldn't be cast until after World War II due to metal shortages. In 1948 the "Mustangs" statue was placed in front of the museum. Proctor did part of the work at King Ranch, where he used wild mustangs as models.

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