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Parking at the U of A - note elec heater plug-ins in...

Russian fort blockhouse

University of Alaska Fairbanks Museum of the North

Otto - over 8' tall, 1,200 lb brown bear

Front is Arctic Swan - back right is the Trumpeter Swan

Mammoth & mastodon bones

Alaska pipeline info

Blue Babe, world's only mummified steppe bison on exhibit

Alaska gold display

They had lots of info on women & the gold rush

Indian kayak & hunting canoe

Gray whale skull - note fish trap hanging from ceiling

Polar bear & its favorite food

Huge copper nugget

Nice piece of art

The Gallery of Alaska had lots of Native art

Beautiful ornamentation!

Great Alaska Outhouse Experience - funny!

Saw this Denny's - note dog sled on sign

These 2 RVs were in the Walmart parking lot

This one was from Switzerland, we think

Nice place for dinner in such beautiful weather!

Just across the river from the restaurant

Another view

Home outside North Pole, AK - Riverview RV Park

Yesterday we went to the Museum of the North at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The building itself is a work of art & looks different from every side. As advertised, "From Alaska's wildlife to contemporary Alaska Native art, whatever your interest, you'll find something appealing on exhibit." The Alaska Classics room displayed historical paintings of Alaska by Alaska masters from the late 1800s to mid-1900. It wasn't a large room & you didn't have space to stand back & really appreciate the paintings - but there were a lot of paintings on display. The Gallery of Alaska was where we found the wildlife (although no longer wild because they were dead & stuffed) & the exhibits on cultures, geography & history of Alaska's 5 major geographic regions. Think we enjoyed this section of the museum the most. The Rose Berry Art Gallery had paintings but also more Native art on display. We also enjoyed a couple of films in the auditorium - Dynamic Aurora was about the aurora borealis (Fairbanks is one of the best places to view this - in the winter) & was very interesting - Winter was about what it's like to live in Fairbanks in the winter. We learned that not having running water or sewer in the winter is fairly common here due to the extreme cold. Several people interviewed on the video said -40 really wasn't too bad because it's dry here. We've said that about the deserts in the lower 48 - but -40 - really?! One lady did point out that when you go out you have to think about what you will do if something happens that causes you to be outside longer than you intend to be out - dress in layers even if you're just running outside for a minute - carry extra clothing/sleeping bag/food, etc. in your vehicle. In the temporary exhibit area was an exhibit on the first ascent of Mt. McKinley that was very interesting. This is a great museum - one not to be missed.

This morning we moved all of 13 miles to the Riverviw RV Park just outside North Pole, AK - not THE North Pole - it's a town named North Pole. We'll check it out soon.

More, later...

Critter Count: Moose - 1 big bull grazing in a creek as we drove to North Pole

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