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This 30 day pass became 60!!!

Ominous evening sky

Hike to the Sherwin Lakes

Hiking at Convict Lake

This is how the season started, very little snow

Tasting at Mammoth Mountain Brewing

First time to stand on a frozen lake; Lake Tanaya in Yosemite

Top of the mountain with Devon

We spent two months at the Mammoth Mountain RV Park, just 10 minutes from the slopes. Mammoth offered a deal that we couldn’t refuse. We bought one month of weekday skiing from Jan 9th through Feb 10th. Sounded like a deal….but it only got better. They added weekends, then more days due to lack of snow, then more days once again to complete the month of February. We ended up skiing for two months on a one month pass. Best part? Our kids bought passes as well so we got to spend lots of time with them on and off the mountain. What a treat!

The skiing started out a little rough so we used our old straight skis. One lift guy called our skis ‘vintage’. He was right, they were indeed older than him. Once the rocks on the runs were covered we pulled out our new skis we bought each other for Christmas. What a difference. Note to self – Don’t ever use straight skis again!

While we waited for the snow to fill in we hiked to the Sherwin Lakes and later with Mike Jr. to Convict Lake. The weather was moderate with very few days that we didn’t want to ski due to weather. One day we were able to drive through the Tioga Pass Hwy 120 from Hwy 395. We were told this is the first time it could be driven in January in more than 50 years due to the lack of snow this winter.

So the guys filled their time relaxing, visiting Mammoth Mountain Brewery filling growlers and skiing, hiking and more skiing/snowboarding. The kids made multiple trips to come visit and stay with us (5 hr drive from So Cal). Our new RV was the perfect condo in Mammoth for the season. We were fortunate enough to spend more time with our friends Jim and Christy who were at their mountain house. Again they helped us with our form and had lots of fun on the slopes. The four of us spent a nice Valentine’s evening together at Skadi, a Scandinavian restaurant in town.One other highlight - pizza with Gordon and Sherry from Serenity, a beautiful Tayana sailboat. They are Ventura friends that are in Australia cruising now and headed to east Asia. We were lucky enough to meet up with them while they were back in the states and taking a ski break in Mammoth!

All was not well this year on the slopes; skis were broken (Mike Jr.), keys were lost (Devon) and ribs were fractured (big Mike) and a ridiculous hospital bill ensued. What to do with these men?? In the end all issues have been resolved and life goes on.

We will fondly remember this season of skiing in which I logged a record 32 days. Mike of course had to take a two week hiatus due to his injury but got back on the skiis and slowed way, way, way down!

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