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Getting up to the top of mount Pilatus

A wild capricorn

Lounging in the tourist sunchairs

What a great view...

..what a great day..

..ah, it's just amazing

some kind of cave

Isabel and I playing tourist

on the hike back down

View of the lake of Zug

The cows joined us

Moni trying to bribe the cow

trying to make a fire

intresting, he!

tourist or what?

my brother beat chasing cows in the background


more view

cows are ok with us

Here just some patriotic impressions of stereotypical Switzerland. I actually really do understand, why so many Japanese, Korean and Indian tourists overrun our Swiss mountains every year. I'm still so overwhelmed by the amazing landscape, even after living here for almost all my life.

But unfortunatly you often don't really appreciate, what lies just on your doorstep, you rather travel the world to see the "extraordinary" places.

This summer I eventually made it up to the summit of mount Pilatus (2132 meters above sealevel) which base station only lies a 30min drive from my place. It's ashame it took me 27 years to get up there.

And I have to admit, we didn't even walk up there, but at least we hiked the way down, which seriously, isn't really that much easier. Anyway, it was a wonderfull sunny and really enjoyable day. How lucky I can count myself!

A couple of weeks later another awsome day awaited us for the Swiss national holiday. We went up to the most gorgous viepoint on mount Zug (most people would call it a hill, but it's officially a mountain!) to have a traditional barbecue. We were surprised and happy when we got there and found out that nobody else did occupie the fireplace already. But after a while the cows invited themselves to join in, what we in return, didn't really appreciate. But whatever, they ended up being peaceful guests and we felt good being one with nature ;)

How beautiful Swiss summer can be!

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