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Durbuy Chateau

Town Centre

Fancy Rock Formation

Chateau Clse-up

Down By The Riverside

Topiary Garden

Pamela Anderson?

Or Is This Her?

Arch View

Oh Yes?

Fun Couple

Sunny View

Unusual View Into Men’s Toilet

Cascade At Coo

Day 11 - Wednesday 20th November

Beautiful sunny day after a very cold foggy start. Nobody came to collect the parking fee & we couldn’t pay via the ticket machine so we had to leave without paying. Our next stop was at a small town about six miles away called Durbuy where we looking to visit the topiary centre. The main attraction I was looking to see was the Pamela Andersen bush(?). Durbuy turned out to be a tiny medieval town centred round a big chateau built on a rock beside the river. They were busy setting up a whole load of stalls & attractions ready for their Xmas market. We did wander around the narrow cobbled streets for a while before the topiary garden centre opened at 10o/c, very pretty.

The topiary gardens were nicely laid out & we spent a pleasant hour or so looking at the numerous creations that were on display. It’s amazing how they can create such shapes. Pamela was a it disappointing, she didn’t have blond hair. It’s supposed to be the biggest topiary display in Europe. At least the sun was shining through by the time we left heading North towards Germany.

We were taking another scenic drive following a river through the forests & up to Malmedy for our night stop. We were going to stop at Coo for lunch to see the cascade there but in the end we just took a photo & carried on. The Aire in Malmedy was at the end of a car park on the site of the old railway station close to the town centre. After setting up the motorhome we walked down to have a look at the town.

There wasn’t much to interest us but we had a look in their rather drab cathedral but it wasn’t very impressive. There was a memorial garden at one side commemorating a couple of tragedies that occurred at towards the end of the war in December 1944. One was where a whole troop of GI prisoners had been shot by the Germans nearby & the second one was for a three day bombing raid, apparently by the Americans, on the town that destroyed a lot of the town centre & killed many civilians.

Mileage today - 54

Total mileage - 796

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