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Narrow streets

Chinese Gate

"Artwork" it is a parking garage

Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell

The Franklin...anair cooled car

The next a.m. we caught the city sightseeing bus and did a tour of town. It was interesting to see the places where so much history was made. Benjamin Franklin was active and responsible for so many firsts from the post office...first American Post Office....to so many buildings. He is printed the first newspaper, signed the declaration of independence, made lightening rods. Etc. There are many memorials to him. From the bus we saw where all this happened...as well as where he lived and worked.

Philadelphia is a beautiful city with narrow cobblestone streets as well as Belgium Block streets. It sits on the Delaware River upriver from Chesapeake Bay. The warehouses at Penn Landing have been transformed into housing and restaurants.

It has a large Chinatown with a beautiful Chinese gate and two green dragons.

Philadelphia was the first capital of the States before it moved to Washington DC. It was here that Lincoln was shot. We saw the Ford Theater and the house across the road where he died.

We were glad we had gone on the tour. After we had a quick lunch before heading back to the car and our luggage and left town.

On this sunny afternoon we drove up through the Pennsylvania hills on 209 through the Pocono mountains. We had missed the glorious colors of the maples although we did see the occasional crimson tree and cherry red burning bush. Most trees had lost their leaves or were about to. Maybe 2 weeks ago they were nice.

We crossed the Delaware River on the only private bridge, Dingman's Bridge, in America. It dated from the 1800's. It is wooden. Maintenance is done once a year.

From here, on the New Jersey side of the river we followed a quirt country road into the small town of Layton. There we met a 70 something fellow who restores old cars. He took us to see his collection of Franklins...he has 10. One is beautifully restored...on the outside. He is still working on the inside. It is a tan and maroon color. We saw into his shed out back at least three others awaiting restoration. After we went out behind his shop in town to see his 36-37 Packard. It waits too....and is for sale.

We arrived at 2.30p and left about 4.30p....there was so much to see.

From there we drove down to I 80, a very busy road as many commute to the Layton area...3 hous each day. As the roads got busier we looked for a place to stay. At Hackensack we picked a hotel...not a nice one...and spent the night. The reception area was behind bars. But....

The next day, yesterday, saw us find a Best Western Premier hotel, much nicer, for 4 nights....in the rain after a Colombian breakfast of rice and beans and pandabono. This hotel is on hotel row and right beside the Lincoln Tunnel. We veged for the p.m. doing laundry and visiting a mall for lunch and haircuts.

The next morning we caught the shuttle to Time Square. We've now settled for the night.

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