Croatia and Greece Fall 2019 travel blog

Statue of Tesla near the hotel

In case your "dawg" needs a new hoodie

Public museums are closed on Mondays, but they're still pretty to look...

The young lady who gave me a free tangerine

Late afternoon light made the buildings look neat!

Good 12-string music

Another lovely public building

Anyone "Up 2 Play"?

This 6 year old was!

Lois writing

After John & I visited the Museum of Broken Relationships, we walked out into the rain and then found a small restaurant for lunch. Portions here are quite large, and when my veggie pizza came, I ate only the insides (no crust), and even then, I couldn't finish it. John had a humongous chicken sandwich. Then I showed him the inside of a department store I had scouted out yesterday. Lots of toys on the top floor, and more candy and cookies than should be allowed in one place. People on the street are always eating, but perhaps they don't gain weight because they are walking so much - who knows?

John returned to the room to spend some time on his computer, and later have a massage, while I went out exploring again. It had stopped raining and was about 60 degrees, so it was good to be outdoors. Besides, tomorrow is a travel day, so I probably won't spend much time outside.

Highlights of my walk:

A large statue of Nikola Tesla a couple of blocks from our hotel

A shop for your pooch called Dawg Swag (lots of dogs here in Zagreb)

A stop at a fruit stand which was selling bags of either 1,3 or 5 kilograms of mandarin oranges. I asked how much it would be to buy just one. An attractive young man was flirting with the young lady in charge - he grabbed one and put it into my hand, saying, "For you, FREE!" She was fine with that.

A fabulous 12-string guitar player

Wonderful late afternoon lighting on some very attractive old buildings

Note: the buildings are in very good shape here, but unfortunately the lowest level of every one is covered with graffiti. It's too bad.

In a small indoor shopping mall, they had a playground with supervision: you drop off your kid for up to 3 hours and go shopping without the kid! They take ages 3 to 12.

We have enjoyed our time here. On Tuesday Nov. 5 we fly to Belgrade and then on to Athens.

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