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Day 22 Saturday 18th May 2019

Kotor, Montenegro 𯇲𯇪

Up late for breakfast today, picked up our tickets to transfer to the port by tender, out on the deck for a while to see the ship come into the port of Kotor. The city is located in a deep fjord like bay (a sunken valley in fact) with steep hills all around. It is quite beautiful, the weather was fine and warm this morning. Because of the number of passengers, it took us until nearly noon to get off the ship and into the town, the centre of which is an old walled medieval town with low red roofed buildings and very narrow winding streets. We did some shopping in the town, including the purchase of a small round loaf of bread for a snack lunch, and then walked up to St Johns Fortress at the top of a very steep and winding (hairpin bends) track made of steps (it is said there are 1,000 steps) and stones up to a very formidable looking fortress which is now a ruin, but has (and always did have) a commanding view of the town and harbour and was no doubt fortified in its long history. The path up had spectacular views and more than a few cats for which this town is famous. The legend says that in ancient times there was a plague of rats, the townspeople sent out for cats to catch the rats, now everyone has pet cats and they also feed the stray cats. It rained just a little on our way up, but not enough to be of much concern. We took photos at the top then came back again and had another look 𯑀 in this interesting and beautiful town at the shops and wandered through the narrow streets. There were three cruise liners in Kotor today, so there were thousands of tourists visiting. Back to the ship after 4:30pm, then an aperitif and the show which was the opera singers with Verdi, then dinner and to bed around 11:30pm.

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